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Chelle Johnson

Chelle Johnson is the CEO of Best You Talent Advisors, and the Denver-based networking nonprofit, Colorado Career Connectors. She has over 20 years of global experience in executive leadership roles in talent acquisition and human resources at Fortune 50 companies including: Comcast, Lockheed Martin, Quest Diagnostics and Honeywell. She has lived and worked in Asia and Latin America, acquired her MBA, and speaks Spanish and English.

Chelle now helps high achieving leaders and attorneys to discover and activate their strengths and purpose and realize abundance in their careers and lives. She is known for coaching and advising people to listen to their inner wisdom, take risks, build their bravery and have the courage to seek and live their best lives.

Value Propositions

I coach high achievers to have more professional joy, success & impact. It’s simple … But not easy (That’s why I’m here to help!).

When you are intentional, prepared, and supported, you CAN:

  • Earn more money
  • Enjoy more personal and professional freedom
  • Uplevel yourself and your career
  • Win the promotion you deserve
  • Make a bigger impact in your organization
  • Decrease your stress and anxiety
  • Align your personal and professional values
  • Feel alive again and stop working with a toxic boss or in a toxic work culture

Take your career or entrepreneurial journey to the next level with coaching, tools, frameworks, and resources usually reserved for seasoned executives or senior leaders at Fortune 500 organizations.

No one should be stuck in a job that stifles their soul, limits their possibilities, or makes them have to shrink to fit. Take control of your career destination starting now.


You’ll begin your journey with Chelle with a 30 minute discovery call where you will get to know each other and discuss your goals.

Once you’ve both decided you are a good fit for one another and have chosen a 10 week, 3 month or 6 month program, you’ll begin coaching.

Method of Delivery for Services

  • Online
  • Phone
  • In Person

More About Chelle Johnson

Company name has changed since the creation of the video.