About Us

For too long, countless lawyers, including law firm associates, partners as well as in-house attorneys have settled for a life they no longer love, believing there’s no escape.

Overworked. Overwhelmed. Over it.

We’ve been there. And too many others have told us the same.  People like you, with huge potential and so much to offer.

We realized: what you need is a bridge. A bridge to:

  • New opportunities to use your skill set 
  • A community that gets you
  • Resources that help you move forward
  • And a career where you can thrive, outside of the legal world.

So we built it.

cyclist on hill

ex Judicata is dedicated to helping JDs build fulfilling new careers. We want to connect you to organizations that are craving your skills in a growing variety of jobs in business, not-for-profits, government and academia and more.  And provide you with a wealth of resources to take the next step including:

The ex judicata Job Board

The world’s only employment platform devoted to JDs seeking opportunities outside of the legal world

Inspirational interviews

JDs who successfully left law for new careers in everything from banking to bakeries.  From Fortune 500 executives to fine arts.


From leading experts in their disciplines to prepare you for a career Outside the practice of law

Career Corner

With a panel of vetted professionals ready to help reposition you for your next step. CV/LinkedIn experts who help people just like you to create and market a personal brand. Along with a select group of coaches for those who would like a more in-depth experience.

EXJ Diagnostic

The first career diagnostic designed specifically for lawyers interested in moving to business jobs.

And this is just the start. We’re growing every day. Check back often for the latest opportunities and resources, and to make new connections in our community of JDs.  So come join us! You’ve nothing to lose—and a richer, more fulfilling life to gain.