ex judicata NFT collection

It has taken awhile but we think we get it.  We are now able to explain what an NFT is.  We are still working on why in the world they exist.  ex judicata was content to sit back and watch the greater fool theory play out.  Someone pays for the right to say they are the sole owner of the first digital image of something, as recorded on the blockchain.  We saw something called The First 5,000 Days a digital image created by someone called ‘Beeple’ whose real name is Mike Winkelman sell for $69.3 million.  The image, which anyone can display on their very own computer screen, was purchased by someone named Vignesh Sundaresan.

Then in the midst of our sitting back a piece called The Merge sold for $91.8 million.  It was created by someone named Murak Pak or just Pak. It was bought by over 28,000 collectors.  So, a digital image which was supposed to be unique, that is only one person has the right to claim they are the sole owner as recorded first on the blockchain, has 28,000+ people who somehow can claim original ownership.

This was too good.  Everything had completely gone haywire.  ex judicata had to act.  We are proud to say we have our own NFT collection now comprising 4 different works.  They are all available for purchase on OpenSea.com the ‘original and largest’ NFT marketplace.

Here is what we have:

NFT CollectionPrice
Jerry Springer (JD Northwestern) bobblehead digital image.06 ETH
Howard Cosell (JD NYU) 1972 Newsweek cover digital image.04 ETH
Lawyer Up, the board game, digital image.04 ETH
Food truck parked between the offices of two of the most powerful law firms on the planet, New York City, 9:23 pm.07 ETH

Why not wander over to OpenSea and see what you think?  We expect to be adding to our collection regularly (basically meaning we’ll be taking photos of stuff).  Check back often for the best deals

Jerry Springer (JD Northwestern, 1968) bobblehead digital image
jerry springer
Howard Cosell (JD NYU, 1972) Newsweek cover digital image
howard cosell
Lawyer Up, the board game, digital image
halal truck
Food truck parked between two of the most powerful law firms on the planet. NYC 9:38 pm. digital image
halal truck