Letter from the Editor

100% affirmation that ex judicata has hit the nail on the head.

We recently were in full force–a mix of employees, friends of exj and investors in exj—in walking the exhibit floor at the Legal Week tradeshow held earlier this month. 6,000 attendees from law firms, law departments, and vendors to the legal marketplace and 150 exhibitors (legal tech companies primarily.)

I can now report that every person we spoke with thought there was a need in the marketplace for what we have built at ex judicata. 100% affirmation from every lawyer, seller of products or services to lawyers and civilians, who while not in any of these categories, professed to knowing attorneys who could use exjudicata.com

Of the aforementioned exhibitors, we estimate that at least 25% of the sales and marketing people manning the booths were former practicing lawyers. Proof of concept city.

A quick note on this. You’ll never hear us use the phrase ‘former lawyer’ or ‘recovering lawyer’.

We will always be lawyers (unless one is disbarred in which case language is not your biggest problem). It’s just that we are using that hard-earned JD degree in careers other than practicing law.

To all on the cusp of making a change, we are behind you.

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“Asked and Answered” 

The question I get asked most often from lawyers who feel they have hit a wall and want to consider career alternatives is something like:

“Where do you suggest I start? I have no idea what types of opportunities are available for someone with my background.”  

We created a tool specifically to help, the exj Diagnostic.  Put together with a pair of Ph.D.s in organizational behavior, it matches your personality, work history, and skill set with 25 different careers where JDs have proven successful time and time again.                                                                                                      

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