Letter from the Editor

July 2024,

ex judicata just turned one.  It has been an extraordinary first year.  The image, below, shows some of the highlights.  A thank you from Kim, myself, and our one employee, Emily Frye, who is a star, to all our friends and supporters who helped us get to this point.  We’ve got some exciting things in store for year two.  If there is something we could be doing better or something you’d like to see, let us know.  We exist for you:  Lawyers and law students everywhere.

letter from editior

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“Asked and Answered” 

The question I get asked most often from lawyers who feel they have hit a wall and want to consider career alternatives is something like:

“Where do you suggest I start? I have no idea what types of opportunities are available for someone with my background.”  

We created a tool specifically to help, the exj Diagnostic.  Put together with a pair of Ph.D.s in organizational behavior, it matches your personality, work history, and skill set with 25 different careers where JDs have proven successful time and time again.                                                                                                      

Click here to learn more.