Welcome to the Inaugural exj 20

The ex judicata 20 is an ever-changing top 20 List of people, places or things we believe to be of interest to the ex judicata community.  It is both objective and subjective.  Translation we do what looks good.  The debut ex judicata 20 is a ranking of the Top 20 CEOs of US public companies who have law degrees.  These are the JD/CEOs in order:

ex j20 v03 04

RankNameCompanyAlma Mater
1Brian MoynihanBank of AmericaJD Notre Dame Law School
2Michael TipsordState Farm InsuranceJD University of Illinois
3Robert DavisMerckJD Northwestern University
4Safra CatzOracleJD University of Pennsylvania
5Alan SchnitzerTravelersJD Columbia Law School
6Jeffrey MarlinSempraJD University of Miami
7Nicholas FinkFortune Brands InnovationsJD Northwestern
8James FooteCSXJD John Marshall School of Law
9Glenn FogelBooking Holdings JD Harvard Law School
10David GitlinCarrier GlobalJD University of Connecticut
11Robert BlueDominion EnergyJD Yale Law School
12John Vander ArkRepublic ServicesJD Harvard Law School
13David ZaslavWarner Brothers Discovery JD Boston University
14R. Adam NorwitAmphenolJD University of Michigan
15Christine LeahyCDWJD Boston College Law School
16Devin StockfishWeyerhaeuserJD Columbia Law School
17Douglas Yearley, Sr.Toll BrothersJD Rutgers Law School
18Priscilla Almodovar Fannie MaeJD Columbia
19Kenneth DiGiorgio First American FinancialJD University of California, Berkeley
20David Rawlinson QurateJD University of South Carolina