Personal Journeys

If you ask 100 lawyers who achieved success in a new career how they did it, you may very well get 100 different answers.  While each JDs journey from law to business is unique, we hope by presenting these stories here, common themes will emerge that will help other JDs see opportunities they might not normally thought of.  

We begin with 3 stories from lawyers who work at ex judicata to get this started.  We want to hear your own personal story if you think it might help fellow JDs moving to business or just thinking about their options.  We’ll go through them and post the ones we think would be of most universal interest. 

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Featured Personal Journeys

From Court to School to a Writing Career I Love

By Nancy Stein

At age 19, after winning in court on a traffic ticket, I dreamed of becoming a lawyer. I was speeding, but I didn’t go through the stop sign. Luckily, I saw the police car behind me while applying my lip gloss…

Want to Be a Lawyer? Now That’s Funny

By Talia Reese

So, I didn’t always want to be a lawyer, but I was graduating from Penn, didn’t have a set plan, and was going to be getting engaged to a guy who was going to be going to law school. So I kind of figured I’d go too…

Legal Layoff Leads to Marketing Career

By Elaine Chen

When you’re commiserating with friends over drinks following a layoff, they often say, “You’re going to look back and say this is the best thing that ever happened to you.” In my case, it really turned out to be true…

From a Jury of 12 to an Audience of 1: Empowering People with Autism to Find Personal Connections

By Jeremy Hamburgh

Most babies’ first word is “mama.” According to my parents, mine was “Dan Rather”. Can you tell we were an evening news family? It looked for a long time like my career would run through journalism, maybe even CBS News.

During my first college summer break……

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