The Transitioning Traveler

The Transitioning Traveler is all about where to spend a week between your old life practicing law and your new career and, not to be overly dramatic, your new life. It’s not meant to be a travel log or take the place of or or any other source of travel information.  Rather, we hope to provide you with inspiration based on our point of view.

no lawyers in Manchester, Vermont

Low on lawyers.  Manchester, Vermont

Since the last thing you want to do on your well-earned vacation is come across practicing lawyers who may question your judgment: “Leaving law?.Have you lost your mind?”

The anti-ibiza Formentera, Spain

Formentera, Spain

The anti-Ibiza

We like to keep old, hard copy issues of Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure.  And, then a few years later pull them out from under a pile of old clothing catalogs, past due bills, and unfinished screenplays…


One Canal: Two Oceans: Panama

Well, you made it. You got that coveted job outside of law and you’re ready to start your new life. But before you head in for that first day of work, use that gap week or two to take a trip….


Did someone say Jeddah?

Looking to really get off the beaten track before moving on to your next career? Then you may want to consider Jeddah. While the ancient Saudi Arabian city has numerous hotels and well-developed infrastructure…


On ‘Bleisure’

In addition to suggesting wonderful places to take a week between your old job/life and new job/life, will occasionally comment on travel-related matters we believe important for the ex judicata community.