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The Genius Break Challenge

“Mindfulness” is a term bandied about in so many books, articles and courses, it’s hard to know what is real and worth putting into practice.  We take this seriously so anything we recommend to the ex judicata community has been thoroughly vetted by us.  Translation, it is worth your time.

We are pleased to offer to the ex judicata community, at no charge, the Genius Break Challenge, an asynchronous program taught by bestselling author and yoga therapist, Dr. Suzie Carmack. 

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About Dr. Carmack:

In her private practice, Dr. Carmack works with attorneys, executive leaders, senior military officers and government agencies to help leaders and their teams to recover from, and prevent, burnout and compassion fatigue through evidence-based well-being practices.  She developed the first mindfulness program for the team at the World Health Organization in 2013; the first resilience training for senior leaders (2-, 3- and 4-star General officers) of the U.S. Air Force in 2018; the first compassion training for the U.S. Treasury Department’s Executive Leadership Institute in 2020; and she is currently training facilitators across the U.S. Air Force to deliver her well-being programs and practices to their teams. 

About the Genius Break Challenge:

Dr. Carmack’s Genius Break Challenge, will help you get back to taking care of yourself with a short-and-sweet break of less than 10 minutes per day.  Each ‘genius break’ has an inspiring theme (intention) for the day linked to mindful movement to help you to release stress, reboot your mind and recharge your body.  Studies also show that brief breaks like these can improve creativity, reduce burnout and improve decision-making.

You can start the Genius Break Challenge now, by registering here for Dr. Carmack’s course. Included in this free and ad-free course is an eBook version of Dr. Carmack’s best-selling book Genius Breaks, so you can continue your commitment to taking care of yourself after the 10-day challenge.

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