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The course fee includes six hours of education crafted for lawyers who are interested in familiarizing themselves with financial statements needed for business, detailed course materials and all CLE fees.

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Purchase optional supplemental course text book “Accounting for Lawyers” by Profession Matt Barrett.

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The text introduces lawyers with no financial fluency to “the language of business.”  Beginning in law school and continuing into the practice of law, lawyers have historically focused on the language of the law.  Along the way, some lawyers have gained financial fluency, but most lawyers have not needed to do so because “the numbers” have always been the province of the client’s accounting department, the client’s outside accounting firm, or both.

Lawyers wishing to transition to business add value when they understand the language of business and the numbers.  Starting with the fundamental accounting equation, the text, often using Starbucks Corporation as an example, explains the basic financial statements, the notes that accompany those statements, generally accepted accounting principles, accountants’ reports, the time value of money, and accounting terminology and concepts that frequently appear in legal agreements.  The text will demystify terms like working capital, current ratio, price-earnings ratio (P/E), EBITDA, net present value (NPV), and discounted cash flow (DCF).  By improving your overall financial acumen, you will feel more comfortable when dealing with the numbers and reach decisions that deliver more value to your organization.

Upon registration, you have 12 months to complete the course for CLE credit. Learn more about CLE credits for this course.