“If I leave law, what am I best suited for?”

Aired on Tuesday November 28, 2023

An eclectic panel of lawyers who successfully pivoted to Alternative Careers discuss their Journeys

We often hear, “I would like to leave the law, but I do not know where to begin.” This is where you begin. Plan now to join us on Tuesday, November 28th at 1pm Eastern to experience four unique journeys.  Each journey has it’s very own story.  Register, Attend, listen, ask questions. Your story is still being written.

Key Questions to be discussed:

  • The when, where, and why of leaving the law and moving to business.
  • Digging into the decision-making process.
  • Self-reflection and self-analysis help pave the path forward.
  • The round trip: can I go back to the law – of course you can.
  • Sage advice from those that have come before.

Key Speakers

carolyn barth renzin

Brian Ferrell

Corporate Associate 
Kirkland & Ellis
matthew j. barrett

Jeremy Hamburgh

Autism Friendship and Dating Coach and Founder
My Best Social Life
betsey corey

Francesca Lisk

EVP, Chief Talent Officer
andrew r. gold

Patricia Roberts

Dean and Charles E. Cantu Distinguished, Professor of Law
St. Mary’s University School of Law

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“If I leave law, what am I best suited for?”

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