Our Story

After law school, ex Judicata co-founder Neil Handwerker started work as an attorney.  He knew right away that it wasn’t for him, and quit after three months to pursue a career in business.

As he planned his next move, he discovered that there were no resources to help JDs who wanted to leave the practice. He remembers the stress and loneliness he felt then–how much he wished he could talk to someone who had been in his shoes.

Fast forward to today. Not much has changed. There are still no search firms, dedicated job boards, directories, or valuable resources specifically for JDs who want to move from law to other careers.  At the same time, there is now a hiring crisis in Corporate America.  Good people can’t be found fast enough.

That’s why he and his long-time business partner Kimberly Fine, an MBA by training, founded ex judicata.  To bring support, resources and job opportunities with those enlightened organizations that want to hire the JD skillset for multiple nonlegal roles.

They know this space well. Their first startup, Fulcrum Information Services, became a market leader in management education for outside counsel, in-house lawyers, and C-suite executives. Kim went on to work for several leading legal publications, and Neil became a legal recruiter.

With over 75 years of industry experience between them, they’re thrilled to be back together building their second startup, ex judicata, for the legal community.